Cans 4 Paws is a fund raising company that was started to help cats &
dogs  that are in shelters through out the Hudson Valley NY area. Most if
not all shelters are in need of help in these tough economic times.

Cans 4 Paws will donate all profits from proceeds to local shelters and
other animal charities. The idea for
Cans 4 Paws helps not only stray and
homeless animals but also helps the environment by recycling more
cans and bottles.

Cans 4 Paws you can find links to many local shelters as well as wish
lists from the shelters on what they need for the animals that they so
lovingly care for.

To find out where you can drop off cans or bottles and donate your return
deposits visit our
Drop Off Points page. You can also make a cash
contribution to
Cans 4 Paws at one of the many local Collection Jars
Locations or make a direct donation on our website!

Cans 4 Paws will veterinarians
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