Go Green Dry Cleaners Pickup and Delivery Service
Serving All Rockland County in New York and Northern New Jersey

Traditional dry cleaning uses a lot of chemicals that, if not disposed of properly, can cause
a lot of harm to the environment, but Go Green Dry Cleaners Pickup and Delivery Service
offers an alternative. As green cleaners, we avoid using toxic and non-biodegradable
chemicals as much as possible.

Instead, we favor natural plant extracts and silicon-based solvents, which allow us to
accomplish the same goal of clean clothing without the harmful byproducts. We make an
effort to use recyclable materials in all of our packaging, including biodegradable and
reusable clothing bags.


Your time is valuable. Every minute you spend in traffic and every minute you spend
waiting in line is another minute that you can't spend on doing the things you want to do.
Why wake up early on a Saturday when you can have your clothes brought to you?

Call our store today and schedule a pickup. We promise you'll save time, and you'll never
make another trip to the dry cleaner again!

Great Prices, Amazing Service

Dry Cleaning Prices

Trousers  ---------------------------------  $5

Men's Suits --------------------------------$10

Sport Jacket -------------------------------- $5

Coats -------------------------------------- $12

Sweaters ----------------------------------- $5

Dresses ------------------------------------ $11

Ladies Suits ------------------------------- $10

Blouses ------------------------------------ $5

Slacks ------------------------------------- $5

Polo Shirts -------------------------------- $5

Dress Shirts
(extra for rayon, silk, flannel) ----- $5

Laundering Prices

Shirts (hangers) -------------------- $1.50

Shirts (boxes) ----------------------- $1.50

Wash, Dry, and Fold Laundry
(15lb minimum)

$1.50 / lb
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