Congratulations on taking the first steps to improving your game.  With my help you will either be
introduced or re-introduced to the absolute basics of a sound golf swing.  Most golfers, unknowingly,
have acquired bad habits that prevent them from making a repeatable efficient swing.  Together we
will instill these fundamentals with your own swing type and swing composition.  Throughout my
career as an instructor in this extremely passionate game, I have never, I repeat, NEVER, come
across two swings that are the same.  Everyone aspiring to learn this game is an individual, made up
of different swing styles, body types, flexibility, strengths, and expectations.  Through our time
together you will better understand the necessary movements and positions to make your golf swing
repeatable and most of all, playable.  Whether you are just looking to start this game and want to “fit
in” with the players in your group, or you are an established golfer looking to get to the next level,
together we will set, work through,
and accomplish
YOUR golfing goals!
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